24th World Schools Championship Volleyball Opened in SC Šumice


The opening ceremony of the 24th World Schools Championship Volleyball began with the screening of the introductory film "Welcome to Belgrade," and the sound of the school bell, this evening at Sports Center Sumice. The stands were filled to capacity, with a majority of the audience consisting of the athletes - more than 1000 male and female volleyball players from 35 countries. The Serbian national anthem performed by the singer-songwriter Marija Markovic Maric, popularly known as Mari Mari, followed by the parade of the countries participating in the competition.

- Serbia has a proven track record in organizing major sporting events and I am convinced that this time we will also be good hosts. We would like to thank the representatives of the International School Sport Federation for trusting us and, for the first time in history, granting Serbia the opportunity to host the World School Championships. A thank you to the Ministry of Youth and Sport for their great support, the Volleyball Federation of Serbia and all our friends, partners and sponsors. In this Olympic year, when all around the world people are eagerly expecting the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, I am proud to say that Serbia is hosting the World Championship and I am sure that many of you will be volleyball champions and participants in the Games. I wish that you will compete in the spirit of fair play that you will cherish and develop friendship and tolerance. I wish all competitors much success and good luck, and victory to the best - said in Zeljko Tanaskovic, president of the Serbian Alliance for School Sports.

- I would like to thank Serbia and its sports federations who took responsibility in organization of this championship. I am very pleased that the Serbian Republic is participating in world volleyball school championship for the first time. I hope that in this city the participants will make friends that will be cherished their entire lives. Take advantage of this event to get to know young people from around the world - said Jan Kulen, Secretary General of ISF, thanking the country for their efforts in the Serbian language.

The participants of the 24th World Schools Championship Volleyball, taking place from 25th June to 3rd July in Belgrade, were also addressed by Jan Keulen, Secretary General of the International School Sport Federation. He pointed out that the main objective of this competition is actually socialization between different countries and cultures from all over the world.

- I would like to thank Serbia and its sporting federations who took on the responsibility of organizing this competition. I am very pleased that the Republic of Srpska is taking part in the World Schools Championship Volleyball for the first time. I hope that in this wonderful city, the participants will gain friendships that will last throughout their lives. Take advantage of this event to get to know young people from around the world - said Jan Keulen, Secretary General of ISF, thanking our country for the invested efforts in Serbian language.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovicic had the honor to open the 24th World Schools Championship Volleyball in Belgrade.

I am sorry that today we don’t have 64 trophies for all of you, because I know how hard it is to reconcile school obligations with practice and matches, have good grades and be good at sport. I hope that with your sporting as well as scientific successes and school knowledge, you will be an example for future generations of young people. It is a pleasure to be hosts to you, the best high school volleyball players in the world. This competition is the result of a long effort of our school sports – emphasized the minister of Youth and Sports, Vanja Udovicic.

With the intonation of the ISF anthem the flag of the International School Sports Federation was raised. In front of the ISF flag, on behalf of all the participants of the competition, the oath of fair play was taken by the Sports High School student Jovana Ašković.

The opening ceremony program was a mirror of all the past projects of Serbian school sports. The trophies, the work art of Stefan Cvijanovic , student of the Central School of Design, were on the stage and the participants were entertained by Smatchy and Blocky, designed by Marco Serer from the same school. Students from the "Kosta Manojlovic" school of music were responsible for the music, performing the song "For Our Volleyball Players"... Dancing was performed by students of the "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" school from Sremska Kamenica, while the culmination of the opening ceremony was a performance by the Eighth Belgrade High School who raised all the competitors to their feet with the song "We Will Block You".

All competition matches will be played at the World Schools Championship. The final day, and the third place match are scheduled for Saturday, 2nd July. Upon completion of the match, at approximately 6.30 pm, the closing ceremony of the 24th World Schools Championship Volleyball will take place at SC Šumice. The semi-finals and the World Championship final match will be preceded by Unified volleyball, in which Special Olympics teams of Serbia, Poland and Germany will participate. Meanwhile, on June 29th the Cultural Day will take place (a walk by the WC participants through Belgrade), and on the same day the Evening of the Nations will be held at the BC Partizan basketball courts in Kalemegdan. One day later a charity gala dinner is scheduled at "Crown Plaza". In their spare time, competitors will take part in workshops that promote fair play, anti-discrimination…


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