ISF Volleyball World Schools Championship 2016 1st visit


Next ISF World Schools Championship Volleyball 2016 will take place in Belgrade, Serbia probably from 25th of June to 3rd of July.

Jan Coolen will be the ISF Delegate for this event. Together we made our 1st visit to Belgrade from 29th of January to 1st of February 2015. All members of the OC are not yet nominated, I made acquaintance with Zeljko Tanaskovic, President of the Serbian School sport federation Borisav Stankovic, Secretary General of the Serbian School sport federation Sloboda Cicanovic, adviser Uros Savic, expert assistant. He is member of the TC Futsal and probably he will assure the link between TC and OC during the event.

They had prepared the visits of the 16 gymnasiums and 4 Hotels where we met the responsible persons.

We had an interesting meeting with Borocic Aleksander, President of Volleyball Federation of Serbia, Senior Vice president of CEV and FIVB Executive Vice President.  The day ISF and FIVB intend to sign a Memorandum of Understanding Mr. Borocic certainly will be an important person.

Another meeting most important for the OC was the reception in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Mrs Una Pavlovic, Chief of Cabinet promised financial support for the event in 2016. A good moment was the visit of Sremske Karlovce, a beautiful and historically most interesting small town on the riverside of the Danube, at about 1 hour from Belgrade. This could be the place of excursion for the HsoD.

Convinced that Serbia is capable of organising this big event, Jan and I look forward to the 2nd visit that will take place in March 2016.


Monique KreckGiver
President of TC Volleyball


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