Parade of schoolchildren in Belgrade


Belgrade - More than 1,000 participants of the World School Championship in Belgrade took advantage of a day off in the competition for walking and visiting the Serbian capital. The group of competitors located in Serbia started at the Temple of Saint Sava to the Kalemegdan, which was the point of the movement group of countries situated at the Crown Plaza.

World Cup participants singing at each step were greeted Belgrade, and the greatest enthusiasm to experience the French when they saw the French institute in Serbia. At that moment she heard the "Marseillaise" in Knez Mihailova, a staff of the Institute welcomed their compatriots. City tour also was an opportunity for another event at the World School Championship. The participants were photographed in the competition for the Ambassador ISF, and the best ambassador will be announced at the closing ceremony, on 2 July in the Hall "Ĺ umice".

At the World Championships today is the day, and after a walk participants tonight at Kalemegdan, specifically for BC Partizan expects larger nations, where all the participating countries to present the tradition and culture of his people.


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