School Sport Serbia – Interview with Uroš Savić


Serbia is a small country, but only on geographical scale. The Serbian School Sports Federation is reaching greater heights with the organisation of their first World Schools Championship of Volleyball, which is one of the biggest among all the World Schools Championship. Uroš Savić, our member representing Serbia is telling us his vision about school sport.



How relevant are sports for the education of kids in your opinion?

Sport is very important in the development of young people. It teaches them the true values and turns them into good and self-conscious people. Nowadays, we live with a generation of children, who no longer go outside and get involved in any kind of physical activity, they are hanging around in their home spending time with, most of the time, electronic devices. Our mission is to create healthy habits among young people and sport is the answer.

Do you think that the school system in your country includes enough physical activity and sport education, or there is room for improvement?

In Serbia, we are working hard on this subject and we are trying various projects to involve as many children as possible in sports activities. Of course there will always be room for improvement because this is a process that must be developed in the future.

How important is for the growth of a young athlete to participate in an international competition?

This experience can be experienced perhaps once in a lifetime and it is very important for the further development of the child as it opens to new Also this is a chance to meet with friends from other countries.

How can ISF, which represent school sport at international level, can get closer and more involved with national Sports federations?

ISF should be a strong support for national federation What I mean is that in some situations, the national authorities can struggle and face certain problems; in this case, it would be very appreciated that the ISF shows strength and support, as it was our case with the participation in the European School Championship 2016 of Football.


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