Serbian women's National volleyball team hosted the sports gymnasium


Belgrade - Representatives of Serbia at the upcoming World Championships school in volleyball, team sports gymnasiums attended today in SC Eko Sport training senior women's volleyball team. In addition to coach Zoran Terzic and teams, school selection was greeted by the president of the Serbian School Sports Federation Željko Tanasković and marketing director of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia Zoran Avramovic. High school team members are given as a gift T-shirts for Project "Cheer for volleyball," while those seniors fought back with a T-shirt with the mascot of the World School Championship.

Team Captain Sports Gymnasium Mila Djordjevic thanked Terzic and volleyball players for the support that her team "gave a strong boost" before the start of school the WSC.

- Thanks coach Terzic and girls on this support. We value what we have been a part of their training and that they transferred to us possitive spirit. They know how to win medals and I believe that we will be on our site, in Belgrade, to show that we are among the best academic teams in the world - said Mila Đorđević.

Segments of today's senior gatherings and school volleyball team will be presented in the official video for the World Schools Championship in volleyball.


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