In the High School of Design was presented the winning trophy for the 24 World Schools Championship in Volleyball


Wally for to champions, smashy and blocky for the whole world

Belgrade -For all participants from all around the world will that will be in Belgarde from 25 June to 3 July and compete at the World Schools Championships in volleyball, high school for design first conceived mascot, and then they decided to give them a completely unique winner trophy. Young artist Stefan Cvijanović makes a impressive "Wally" (Volly), which only the champions will have honor to carries it.

- I wanted to show the spirit and energy of the sport, the body in the pose of service. Many love sport and it was interesting to come up with a trophy, I felt as if winning as to conquer. I can not wait to see who will be the champion of the WSC and who will keep the trophy - said the young author Stefan Cvijanović's on promotion of trophy in his high school for design.

Just on the day when Wally saw the light of day, the school mascot of the WSC is named. Double-headed eagle is called smashy and blocky.

- Whenever we come to this school we know that something nice is about to happend. Here we found a mascot, where children are given the name of smashy and blocky and now we are here promoting a beautiful trophy, a real artwork. I am proud to be a part of this story and that exactly you, high school children are participate in school-organized WSC - said Zeljko Tanaskovic president of the Serbian School Sports Federation.

Promotion of Trophy was also attended by Secretary of State for sport Predrag Peruničić, Secretary General of the Sports Federation of Serbia Vladimir Batez and Marketing Manager of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia Zoran Avramovic. The host of promotion was the principal Jelena Medaković.

In the High School for Design was presented the official video spot of the World Schools Championship, which together with the representatives of Serbia at the WSC,high school high Veliko Gradiste and Sports Gymnasium pupils appear both male and female with senior Serbian National team in volleyball.


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