World championship in volleyball school, Belgrade - Pancevo from 25 June to 3 July


Historical Competition for Serbia

Belgrade - The mascot was chosen. Trophy implemented. The song was written. Halls ready. Male and female players from 35 countries began arriving in Belgrade. 24th World school volleyball championship can begin!

- I am very proud to have led the Alliance to organize a competition which contributed just kids. School children should be involved in sports and sport should be part of their everyday life. We are a volleyball nation and we hope for a good result, but it is important for all participants to socialize and to spread the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to Serbia and I wish you all a successful competition - said the president of the Alliance for School Sport Serbia Željko Tanasković at the final press conference held today at the hotel "Crown Plaza".

General Secretary for the International Federation of School Sports Jan Kulen said that the upcoming World Championships in school volleyball is historic for Serbia.

- I am very honored to be here and to be part of this historic event. Historical, because Serbia has organized the world championship, and because of the maximum number of participating teams, as many as 64 teams. The previous record was held by Croatia, which has hosted 61 national team. I am very pleased about the last preparations for the World Cup and I expect that it will be extremely successful. Serbia is known for organizing various competitions, not only for competitions in professional sports, but also in school. Without the exceptional support of the state and the cities that will host teams, none of this would have been possible. It is nice that there is cooperation with the Special Olympics because the country also showed that it takes care of its children and athletes - said Kulen.

Volleyball Federation of Serbia with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the main partner of the Alliance for School Sport of Serbia in the organization of such a big competition.

- As with everything else so it is with this competition, and everything we do, we want to do it at the highest level. We will do everything to make this championship on par with the World League. We will also include the humanitarian action which will pay tribute to our team signed jerseys and balls - said Golijanin

The City of Belgrade with the competition from June 25 to July 3 to get 1,200 new residents.

- I am glad that we are now gathered around this event, which is of great importance for the city of Belgrade. For Belgrade, this is the perfect opportunity to show itself as a good organizer and an attractive tourist destination - said Vladimir Pajić, Assistant Secretary for sport.

World school championship will be held in Belgrade and Pancevo from 25 June to 3 July. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, June 26 at 20.30 in the sports center Šumice.


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